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Training Resources for Lovers of Aqua Fitness

Welcome to our online aqua fitness community where you can learn, shop and connect with lovers of water workouts from all over the world.

Whether you are a water aerobics instructor or participant this website aims to provide you with training ideas to keep you invigorated and motivated when exercising in the water:

– Purchase from our selection of online training videos
– View upcoming aqua instructor training courses in Australia and New Zealand
– Find info on the latest CECs accredited online and face-to-face options
– Read new articles and the latest research that keep you up to date on changes within the industry
– Subscribe to our Newsletter to receive free workout videos, and info on new products, upcoming trainings and conferences
– Like us on Facebook to get inspired by videos and news from the best instructors from around the world

Our mission is to provide all lovers of aqua fitness workouts with up-to-date resources, info on new training and products to ensure we achieve the best possible water workout experience. We aim to:

– Showcase the latest innovations in water workouts, training methods and equipment
– Offer instructors access to online education, face to face training and the latest articles and research to share with participants
– Share videos that offer new water workout training ideas for people of all abilities
– Offer innovative online video full of creative workout ideas and choreography from the best instructors around the world

The founder of, Dominic Gili, has delivered dynamic water workouts since 1993. Dom’s passion for aqua fitness is infectious and his achievements include:

– Awarded Australian Fitness Network’s ‘Author of the Year’ 2012
– Facilitator and presenter of several accredited aqua fitness workshops across Australia
– Lecturer and assessor for Australian Institute of Fitness
– IAFC presenter – World’s largest Aqua Fitness Conference – presented by AEA – Aqua Exercise Association
– FILEX presenter – Australia’s largest Fitness Conference – presented by Australian Fitness Network
– Owner of LIttle Monsters Swim School, Sydney

Youtube Aqua Fitness

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